As the New Year begins, YiBao re-opened after a suspension of nearly ten months. The revived online magazine is managed and sponsored by the Initiatives for China and co-sponsored by the China Aid Association.

YiBao was originally established in 2001 by Foundation for China in the 21st Century. Through eight years of hard work and joint efforts by many people in and outside China, it has been widely acclaimed as one of the most influential e-publications among Chinese readers. Its readership reached into millions. In early 2009, following the dissolution of the Foundation for China in the 21st Century, YiBao ceased to function. Requests and pleas to resume publications from many former YiBao readers reached Dr. Yang Jianli, founder of YiBao and former president of Foundation for China in the 21st Century. After careful research and consultation, Initiatives for China and China Aid Association decided to share the responsibility of resuming the online magazine.

Dr. Yang Jianli, founder of Initiatives for China expressed his gratitude to those who made contributions to support YiBao, and thanked the former YiBao staff for their hard work especially during the five years when he was in prison, Yang said in an interview “without their persistent efforts, YiBao would probably have been long gone. The new magazine will continue to uphold the principles of freedom of expression and emancipation of the mind and strive to provide readers with more and valuable articles and information. In addition to the traditional sections such as “YiBao Weekly” and “Online Petitions”, the new publication will add several categories. A special one is the ‘China Spring’ section, in order to remember those early pioneers who fought for democracy and human rights abroad. The English version of this publication is also underway. “

Mr. Yang Kuanxing, a freelance writer and human rights activist is the editor in chief for the new YiBao. Mr. Yang stated that “the newly revived magazine is a citizen’s publication which gives room for a variety of views and opinions without preference on themes or forms. We especially welcome articles of high qualities, with substance, based on reality, and those that are objective, fair, rational, and moderate. We want to provide an open platform for independent thinkers.”

YiBao’s staff also includes president Dr. Yang Jianli, office director Mr. Zhang Xiaogang, deputy editor Jim Geheran. The former YiBao website continues to work, along with an additional one: We will have Citizen reporters from China and across the world. We welcome feedbacks, comments and suggestions, and we appreciate your contributions and support to our work.