First, we want to thank all the former staff of YiBao and the Foundation for China in the 21st Century for their pioneering, painstaking and professional work. Without their work, we would not have had the solid working platform we have today. We also want to thank all the friends whose kind efforts and contributions made it possible for the re-opening of YiBao — a new and valuable life has been revived.

Also revived is “China Spring” — the first banner of righteousness held up by the contemporary Chinese citizens overseas. The banner will be flying in this newly opened Citizen Square. The revived YiBao will not only continue the traditions of the previous one but will also develop new areas, and will uphold the principles of freedom of expression and emancipation of the mind and serve as a bridge between authors and readers.

Let the blessings of the New Year with our gratitude pass through the internet to every single friend who cares about YiBao.