Congratulatory Letter to Dr.Lobsang Sangay for His Reelection as the Tibetan Political Leader


Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China wishes to extend its heartiest congratulations to Sikyong Lobsang Sangay on his reelection as the temporal Tibetan leader.


In the eyes of Tibetan voters, his wise stewardship of that office!!!s heavy responsibilities earned him a second term. At the same time, this second such election fairly administered after a vigorous campaign among several candidates, demonstrated the strength of Tibetans!!! democratic values, and vindicated the decision of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, five years ago, to separate Tibetans!!! secular governance from his spiritual leadership.


Dr. Sangay!!!s Central Tibetan Administration has not only led the continued development of political, economic, educational, and social institutions in Dharamsala. He has also been a leader and spokesman of the aspirations of six million Tibetans, including their far flung diaspora. His understanding of these two demanding roles has been matched by his abilities as the statesman that merging both tasks requires.


Dr. Lobsang Sangay has clearly committed his mind and spirit to uniting Tibetans of different views and to explaining their issues and concerns to the leaders of other countries as well as to the other peoples from China now living around the globe. In this regard, he has shown both leadership and sensitivity to the paramount issue of peacefully resolving the future of Tibet — a goal to which Initiatives for China has long subscribed.


So we offer Dr. Sangay best wishes for a second term as Sikyong, which we are confident will be even more innovative, productive and uplifting for Tibetans than his maiden voyage. And, we congratulate the Tibetans, themselves, for showing the world their continued commitment to democratic values, and for taking another important step on the road to unity, peace, and freedom for all Tibetans.