Lawyer Gao Zhisheng and Professor Sun Wenguang (高智晟律师和孙文广教授)





高智晟先生是中国最勇敢的人权律师之一。  自2005年以来,他因在中国促进法治、行使律师职责、维护中国法律所保障的人权,而多次被中国政府关押、施加酷刑和监禁。在软禁期间,他于2017年8月13日被绑架。自那时起,当局一直拒绝透露他的下落和状况。yibaochina.com首发

孙文广教授出生于1934年,是中国最受尊敬的资深异议人士之一。2018年8月2日,他在接受美国之音采访时,被闯入他在山东省济南市的家中的警察逮捕。他被带走前的最后一句话是:”我有我的言论自由!” 在短暂获释后,他于2018年8月15日再次被警方带走。yibaochina.com首发







High Commissioner Michelle Bacheletyibaochina.com首发

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)yibaochina.com首发

Palais Wilsonyibaochina.com首发

52 rue des Pâquisyibaochina.com首发

CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerlandyibaochina.com首发


27 May 2022yibaochina.com首发

Dear Ms. Bachelet,yibaochina.com首发

We are a group of people with deep concerns about the human rights situation in China. We are grateful for your efforts to promote human rights duing your current trip to China.yibaochina.com首发

Today we are writing to you with urgency to ask that you make a direct inquery into the fate of two prominent human rights activists, Gao Zhisheng and Sun Wenguang, and demand their immediate release from captivity.yibaochina.com首发

Mr. Gao Zhisheng is one of the most courageous human rights lawyers in China.  Since 2005, he has been repeatedly detained, tortured and imprisoned by the Chinese government for promoting the rule of law in Chna, and for exercising his duties as an attorney in defense of human rights as guaranteed by Chinese law. Under house arrest,  he was abducted on August 13, 2017. Since that time, the authorities have refused to disclose his whereabouts or condition.yibaochina.com首发

Professor Sun Wenguang, born in 1934, is one of the most respected veteran dissidents in China. On August 2, 2018, he was arrested by police who broke into his home in Jinan, Shandong Province, while giving an interview to Voice of America. His last words before he was taken away were: “I have my freedom of speech!” After briefly released,  he was again taken by police on August 15, 2018.yibaochina.com首发

Gao Zhisheng’s family has not heard anything from him for four years and nine months, and Sun Wenguang has not been seen or heard from for three years and nine months. We ask that you make a direct inquire into the circumstances of these two dissidents who are being held unlawfully, and that you demand their immediate, unconditional release.yibaochina.com首发

Freedom from enforced disappearance is a fundamental human right under the UN International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance . Mr.Gao and Mr.Sun’s continued disappearance o not only contravenes the UN’s Convention against Torure and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, to which the PRC is signator, but also violates the PRC’s own constitution and laws.yibaochina.com首发

As High Commissioner for Human Rights in the United Nations, we look to you to speak out where few others can , and to use your position and influence to fight for the rights of these political prisoners. We thank you in advance for your efforts.yibaochina.com首发

Yours sincerelyyibaochina.com首发

Geng He, USA, wife of Gao Zhisheng 耿和,美国,高智晟妻子yibaochina.com首发

Chen Guangcheng, USA 陈光诚,美国yibaochina.com首发

Yan Jiaqi, USA Scholar 严家祺, 美国,学者yibaochina.com首发

Hu Ping, USA Writer 胡平,美国,作家yibaochina.com首发

Wang Dan, USA, 王丹, 美国yibaochina.com首发

Su Xiaokang, USA 苏晓康,美国yibaochina.com首发

Ako Tomoko, Japan, scholar 阿古智子,日本学者yibaochina.com首发

Song Yongyi, USA,Retired Professor 宋永毅,美国,退休教授yibaochina.com首发

Jean-Philippe Beja, France Professor 白夏,法国,教授yibaochina.com首发

Marie HOLZMAN, France, President Solidarité Chine 侯芷明,法国,中国团结协会主席yibaochina.com首发

Patricia Adams, Canada Executive Director, Probe International加拿大“探索国际”执行主任yibaochina.com首发

Li Hengqing, USA 李恒青,美国yibaochina.com首发

Teng Biao USA, Scholar/Lawyer 滕彪,美国,学者/律师yibaochina.com首发

Wang Juntao USA 王军涛,美国yibaochina.com首发

Xia Yeliang, USA, scholar 夏业良,美国,学者yibaochina.com首发

Bob Fu,USA, pastor 傅希秋,美国,牧师yibaochina.com首发

Chen Kuide, USA, scholar  陈奎德, 美国,学者yibaochina.com首发

Feng Chongyi, Australia, Associate Professor  冯崇义,澳大利亚,副教授yibaochina.com首发

Tienchi Martin-Liao, Germany PEN International廖天琪,德國,国际笔会和平委员会yibaochina.com首发

Chen Liqun, USA 陈立群,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhengyi, USA, writer 郑义,美国,作家yibaochina.com首发

Han Lianchao, USA 韩连潮,美国yibaochina.com首发

Cai Xia, USA 蔡霞,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhou Fengsuo,USA,President of Humanitarian China 周锋锁,美国,“人道中国”主席yibaochina.com首发

Cai Chu, Editor-in-Chief of Democracy China 蔡楚,美国,《民主中国》主编yibaochina.com首发

Jiang Fuzhen, France 姜福桢,法国yibaochina.com首发

Yang Zili, USA 杨子立,美国yibaochina.com首发

Xiang Li, USA 向莉,美国yibaochina.com首发

Wang Qingpeng, former lawyer in China 王清鹏,中国前律师yibaochina.com首发

Chen Chuangchuang, USA, J.D. 陈闯创,美国,法律博士yibaochina.com首发

Zhao Changqing, USA 赵长青,美国yibaochina.com首发

Murong Xuecun, writer 慕容雪村,作家yibaochina.com首发

Liu Shihui, former lawyer in China 刘士辉,中国前律师yibaochina.com首发

Qiu Jiajun, USA 邱家军,美国yibaochina.com首发

Xiang Lin, Japan 相林,日本yibaochina.com首发

Chen Guiqiu, USA 陈桂秋,美国yibaochina.com首发

Jin Bianling, USA 金变玲,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhang Jing, USA 张菁,美国yibaochina.com首发

Su Yutong, Germany 苏雨桐,德国yibaochina.com首发

Fang Zheng, USA 方政,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhao Xin, USA 赵昕,美国yibaochina.com首发

Sheng Xue, Canada 盛雪,加拿大yibaochina.com首发

Sun Liyong, Australia 孙立勇,澳大利亚yibaochina.com首发

Li Juan, Australia 李隽,澳大利亚yibaochina.com首发

Lin Shengliang, The Netherlands 林生亮,荷兰yibaochina.com首发

Wang Jingyu, The Netherlands 王靖渝,荷兰yibaochina.com首发

Li Fang, Finland 李方,芬兰yibaochina.com首发

Jane Wang, UK 王剑虹,英国yibaochina.com首发

Jie Lijian, USA 界立建,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zheng Cunzhu, USA 郑存柱,美国yibaochina.com首发

Linghu Changbing, USA 令狐昌冰,美国yibaochina.com首发

Hu Hao, USA 胡浩,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhou Ying, USA 美国yibaochina.com首发

Mo Jiqiang, USA 莫继强,美国yibaochina.com首发

Yang Peng, USA 杨鹏,美国yibaochina.com首发

GAO Xu, USA 美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhang Boli USA, Pastor 張伯笠,美国,牧师yibaochina.com首发

Wu Zuolai USA, Scholar 吴祚来,美国,学者yibaochina.com首发

Qi Jiazhen, Australia 齐家贞,澳大利亚yibaochina.com首发

Meng Yuanxin, USA 孟元新,美国yibaochina.com首发

Wang Qingmin, Europe 王庆民,欧洲yibaochina.com首发

Wu Shaoping, USA 吴绍平,美国yibaochina.com首发

Liu Dejun, Germeny  刘德军,德国yibaochina.com首发

Wang Yingguo, USA 王应国, 美国yibaochina.com首发

Deng Yuwen, USA 邓聿文,美国yibaochina.com首发

Huang Yuancai, USA 黄缘才,美国yibaochina.com首发

Wu Pinghui, USA 邬萍晖,美国yibaochina.com首发

Chen Jiangang, USA, Lawyer 陈建刚,美国,律师yibaochina.com首发

Ding Yi, USA 丁毅,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhang Botao, Korea 张柏涛, 韩国yibaochina.com首发

Liu Juefan, USA 劉珏帆,美國yibaochina.com首发

Qi Jianzi, Australia 齐见自 ,澳大利亚yibaochina.com首发

Dick Chan, Canada 陈世超,加拿大yibaochina.com首发

Luo Mingzhu, USA 罗明珠,美国yibaochina.com首发

Yang Jingguo, USA 杨靖国,美国yibaochina.com首发

Cui Yong, USA 崔永,美国yibaochina.com首发

Zou Yuyan 邹玉燕,美国yibaochina.com首发

Yang Xiaolin, USA 美国yibaochina.com首发

Zhang Ming, USA 张明,美国yibaochina.com首发

Guo Yuechen, USA 美国yibaochina.com首发

Feng Yanyun, USA 冯燕云,美国yibaochina.com首发

Freeman Y, New Zealand 新西兰yibaochina.com首发

Wang Liang,USA 王亮,美国yibaochina.com首发

Guoliang  Zhang,USA , TSA Captainyibaochina.com首发